Siege of the Wolves 
Palace of the Breaking Dawn
Location: Palace of the Breaking Dawn, Mountains of Regret
Date: 1172
Major Forces:
Karatsu's forces,
Legion of Two Thousand,
Ikoma Wardens,
Kitsuki Justicars,
Hiruma Stalkers,
Spider Clan
Generals: Karatsu
Battles of Rokugan

The Siege of the Wolves was an attack made by the tyrant Karatsu to see his son Kuronada ushered from the mortal realm by his hand. [1]

Preambles Edit

In 1172, during the Destroyer War, Karatsu became concerned that the war would disrupt his little "empire" hidden away in the mountains. The only threat to him was his son, Kuronada, so he began travelling the Empire seeking his son. [2] Karatsu allied with the Dark Oracle of Fire, Chosai, and tested the might of the Legion of Two Thousand. He found them wanting, but was driven back by the intervention of Great Clan forces. [3] A detachment of the Legion was assaulted by Karatsu's forces in the Mountains of Regret, when crossing the Treacherous Pass. The arrival of a joint force of Hiruma Stalkers, Kitsuki Justicars, and Ikoma Wardens halted the attack. The Legion did not know at this time who was leading the enemy forces. [4] [5] It had been an attempt to discover the location of the Legion's holding within the mountains. [5]

Battle Edit

When Karatsu knew the location of the Palace of the Breaking Dawn, he attacked. The initial attack very nearly overwhelmed the castle's defenses. The Legion had superior numbers but the magical prowess of the enemy leader stymied the assault. [5] Eventually, the main gate of the Palace collapsed. However, the layered walls and interior gates of the castle still endured. A Sohei unit of the Spider Clan led by Tetsuo [1] also joined the Rokugani, because Daigotsu considered Chosai a betrayer, and his allies were enemies of the Spider. Karatsu was surprised with the reinforcements and abandoned his allies to move into the castle itself, but he was not able to kill his son, and the defenders gained the day. [5]

Aftermath Edit

Karatsu himself had entered the walls of the Palace to personally battle his son, but it was Kuronada who emerged from their duel victorious. [1] Karatsu's body was not found, and it was supposed he escaped alive. The Legion's base was revealed to the Empire, and it was proven the Great Clan considered the ronin unit a valuable ally to be defended. [5]


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