Siege of the Second City 
Siege of the Second City 2
Location: Second City
Date: 1198
Major Forces: Ninth Imperial Legion,
Colonial forces
Generals: Shinjo Kinto,
Akodo Tsudoken,
Otomo Suikihime
Battles of Rokugan

The Siege of the Second City was the answer of the Empire to restore proper order in the Colonies, removing the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime by force.

Preambles Edit

Shinjo Kinto was given command of the Ninth Imperial Legion, and ordered to take the legion to the Colonies to restore proper order, and to investigate the apparent embrace of Fudo texts, the rampant claiming of non-sanctified lands, and skirmishes between the clans. [1] He did not acted after is initial assesment of the situation, [2] but news provided by the Crab forced Kinto to march towards the Second City. [3] Suikihime became erratic, and ordered to burn the province in its entirety to cleanse it from madness and the Fudoists. [4]

Siege Edit

Rejected Mediation

Suikihime rejected the missive from the Imperial Legion

The governor Otomo Suikihime rejected the mediation missive sent to her by the Imperial Legion's leaders. [5] She ordered the captain of the Second City Guardsmen, Akodo Tsudoken, to seal off the Military District and Imperial District to withstand a siege. [3]  The Legion arrived and surrounded the City, and they rebuffed any attempts at parlay. During the siege the citizens held winter court, without attempt any overt action against their besiegers. [6] The Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu managed to open the gate with the Peasant District, and the Imperial District was breached by Unicorn and Crab forces. The Second City Guardsmen and the Ivory Legions confronted the attackers. [7]

Defeat Edit

The Crab siege weapons, the superior forces of the Imperials, and the betrayal of several clan delegates put the city on its knees. The city was effectively lost, and Suikihime went on hiding. The Ivory Champion Shinjo Tselu surrendered after he willingly lost a duel of first blood to Shinjo Tae-hyun. [8]

Aftermath Edit

The remaining samurai of the Second City were absolved of dishonor or guilt by the Empress Iweko I. The Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu was appointed as interim governor of the city with the task of rebuild the city. Shinjo Tseluwas tasked with the capture of his former mistress. [8] The events were depicted in the Chronicle of the Orchid Lands. [9]


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