Siege of Ryoko Owari 
Kaneka stayed his blade
Location: Ryoko Owari
Date: 1160, Month of the Dragon [1]
Major Forces: Shogun's forces,
Scorpion Clan
Generals: Akodo Kaneka,
Toturi Naseru
Battles of Rokugan

The Siege of Ryoko Owari was an attempt of Akodo Kaneka to kill his brother Toturi Naseru.

Assassination attempts Edit

Kaneka had suffered many assassinations attempts during his life, but recently several of them showed the hand of his half-brother Naseru. [2] He was angered and convinced his brother would never stop attacking him, Kaneka musterd his forces and marched toward Ryoko Owari, Naseru's power base. [3] Naseru had manipulated his brother, he hoped that Kaneka would come to destroy him, discredited the Shogun so greatly that their sister Toturi Tsudao would gain the Imperial Throne. The assassins were sent to unleash Kaneka's wrath against Naseru. [4]

Siege Edit

The Bastard's unicorn allies made sure that the strike was unexpected, [2] and the Shogun's troops marched toward the walls of Ryoko Owari before the scorpion realized what was going on. [1] The attacks on Ryoko Owari did not go well being the defences more formidable than he had expected. [5] The Scorpion usually had been set their efforts with the Shogun, but they valiantly fought against the Shogun that time. [6]

Kaneka spares Anvil's life Edit

Naseru seeing Kaneka had been lured by his plot, dismished the Scorpion from the defence, and the Shogun entered the City unopposed. Kaneka met his brother and stayed his blade, letting Naseru live because the Bastard had realized Naseru's true intentions. At an impasse Kaneka and Naseru agreed to work together, and the Anvil swore that if he would gain the throne he guaranteed Kaneka the same as Shogun of all Rokugan. [7]

Aftermath Edit

The City suffered few from the fight, and after the Four Winds March Kaneka remained the Shogun and Naseru became the Emperor Toturi III. [8]


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