Siege of Gisei Toshi 
Fire in the Hidden City
Location: Gisei Toshi
Date: 1165
Major Forces: Phoenix Clan, Dragon Clan, Bloodspeakers
Generals: Isawa Nakamuro, Mirumoto Kenzo, Toku, Akodo Tadenori, Iuchiban, Yajinden
Battles of Rokugan

The Siege of Gisei Toshi was a battle fought at the hidden city of Gisei Toshi in 1165. The battle was between bloodspeaker forces commanded by Yajinden and Iuchiban and Phoenix Clan forces commanded by Isawa Nakamuro, the Master of Air. It was a fierce and drawn out battle which lasted well over one week.

Beginnnings Edit

Yajinden was seeking the lost Bloodswords he forged hundred of years ago. Ambition, who laid unused at Gisei Toshi sensed his presence and called his master. Yajinden needed Iuchiban himself to overcome the powerful magical defenses of the City of Sacrifice. [1]

Preparations Edit

The Council of Five knew that Iuchiban planned to assault the City and they had voted that an Elemental Master would stay in the walls of Gisei Toshi to defend it. The Phoenix did not ask for reinforcements from the Empire to keep the secrecy of the City, but Nakamuro had voted against that outcome. If the defenders would be defeated and the City in risk to be seized, the Master would unleash a spell that would bring centuries of snow and ice from the mountains surrounding the city, tumbling down upon the City of Sacrifice. Nakamuro had volunteered. [2]

Unexpected Defenders Edit

After the Rain of Blood several Dragon Nemuranai Hunters had been joined General Toku to hunt bloodspeaker cells in the Phoenix lands. [3] They found armies of animated dead instead. [1] Nakamuro sensed the Imperial Legions and the Dragon were near the City, and sent them a dove with a message asking aid. [2]

Battle Edit

The battle began with Yajinden and Akodo Tadenori arriving at Gisei Toshi with an army of bloodspeakers, undead and Lost. Yajinden then darkened the sky and summoned a zombie army. The Master of Air Isawa Nakamuro defended the city from its wall, recently armed with the Fortune Bishamon's Spear. The battle fared badly for the Phoenix until the arrival of Dragon and Monkey forces under the command of Mirumoto Kenzo and Toku. When the allied forces realized that the bloodspeakers might capture some of the Black Scrolls Toku volunteered to lead a contingent to take the scrolls away from the city and sacrificed his own life to stop Yajinden from capuring them.

The battle continued and seemed to be looking slightly better for the Phoenix when Iuchiban appeared in the city. Nakamuro fought Iuchiban and would have been defeated by the bloodspeaker if not for the timely arrival of Shiba Aikune. Aikune used Isawa's Last Wish to move Gisei Toshi to a new location, hiding it once again and confounding Iuchiban's plans.

Kyuden Isawa and the Kusatte Iru Edit

Iuchiban Gisei Toshi

Iuchiban steals the Dragon Pearl during the battle

The other Elemental Masters besides Nakamuro were prevented from assisting at the siege because Iuchiban, along with Asako Kinuye unleashed the Kusatte Iru to attack Kyuden Isawa and tie them up with the estate's defense. The monster was eventually defeated through the combined efforts of Togashi Satsu, Isawa Sezaru, Isawa Taeruko, Shiba Ningen, Isawa Ochiai, Doji Akiko, and Naka Kuro. The victory came with a price, Taeruko's life.

Participants Edit

Many heroes and villains fought at the Hidden City. The following is a list of some of them:

Casualties Edit

The following is a list of some of the notable casualties from the battle:


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