Siege of Daylight
Location: Shiro Hiruma
Date: 9th to 25th day, Month of the Serpent, 716
Major Forces: Crab Clan,
Generals: The Maw
Battles of Rokugan

The Siege of Daylight was the Shadowlands siege and fall of the ancestral Hiruma castle. [1]

Shadowlands Attack Edit

In 716 The Maw assembled an army and marched against the Crab. [2] The Hiruma Daimyo Hiruma Tadanori forwarded reports of the threat to the Crab Clan Champion, but no one realized just how large the enemy's army truly was. [3]

Fall of the Castle Edit

On the 9th day of the Month of the Serpent, a violent storm broke and all the Hiruma guardposts on the outskirts were killed one by one. [3] In its way the Maw's army stormed Shiro Hiruma, which was seized in a siege which lasted about sixteen days. [4] The Maw used maho to open tunnels into the castle's foundations, allowing hundreds of oni, trolls, and goblins to appear within the castle walls. The three hundred defenders [3] including the sensei of the Hiruma Bushi school, Hiruma Otokogi, died defending his dojo rather than withdraw and see it lost the Shadowlands. [5] Before the fall of the castle, Otokogi had convinced his lord Tadanori and his son to flee to safety, so the ruling line could survive. [3]

Known Deaths Edit


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