Please note: This article is about the district at Toshi Ranbo. For other uses of the term, please see Licensed Quarter (disambiguation).
Shutsuensha District

Shutsuensha District

Shutsuensha District in the northwestern part of Toshi Ranbo was the Licensed Quarter of the Imperial City, [1] hosting many of the most prominent inns and geisha houses of the city. [2]

Governor Edit

The governor used to be a glorified bureaucrat who maintained the security of the region and ensured the various establishments paid their taxes. It was normally held by an aging courtier, or the former general of a Imperial Legion who had been gravely wounded or was near retirement. [3]

The Eta Edit

The portion of the Shutsuensha District closest to the outer city wall was where the eta of Toshi Ranbo lived. The eta joined with heimin to form the so-called “fireman gangs” who patroled the streets, watching for and extinguishing fires. [4]

Known Locations Edit


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