Shutai (S13)

The rather uninteresting farm village Shutai (S13) was populated by ronin and bandits. [1]

Location Edit

The village was nestled in a low valley with its back to the River of Gold. Most of its trade came and went by river, with a few small docks. [2] The holding was within the Hizoku province. [3]

Vice nature Edit

Widely considered the largest bandit gathering place in Rokugan due to its distance from Imperial lands, which kept the Magistrates generally uninterested in goings on here. It was home to the dojo started by Otoya which trained the Shogun Kaneka. The Scorpion waged a war in the shadows with the Spider Clan from here. [4] [5] All the river villages with thirty miles of Shutai paid the Shutai pirates tribute. [2]

History Edit

Bloodspeaker infiltration Edit

In the village existed a bloodspeaker cell for more than two hundred years, the Sons of Blood. They were among Iuchiban's most powerful and zealous supporters. [6]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 the village was attacked by bloodspeakers. [7]

Bandits Edit

In 1167 the Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi restored order to Shutai after a significant increase in bandit attacks in the area, and that in turn led him to the Forest Killers bandits in the Shinomen Mori. Hachi hunted them until their outposts were found and tracked down the stragglers. [8]

Spider Clan Edit

The Spider Clan dwelled in secret within the near Shinomen Mori. Since its foundation in 1169 the Daigotsu's followers came to Shutai to hire ronin and used them as bandits to send attacks in other villages for their sinister purposes. [9]

Destroyer War Edit

In the month of the Hare of 1173, during the Destroyer War, [10] Shutai in the path of the Destroyers. The villagers remained there, because they had no other place to go. The village was under attack of the gaijin demons for several weeks before it finally fell in the called Battle of Shutai. Among their defenders were the Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen and Kakita Noritoshi, [11] Isawa Mizuhiko, Daidoji Kirimi, [12] and the foxwife Yogo Fujitani. [13] It had been rebuilt following its virtual destruction during the war. [14]

Razed Edit

In 1192 during the War of the Twins [14] Shutai was razed by Isawa Taiken's forces, and the shugenja would be remembered as the Murderer of Shutai. [15]

Known locations Edit


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