Born: Unknown 
Died: many times 
Died after return: 1166, Month of the Boar [1]

Shukumei was not a man. It was a thing assembled from bits and pieces of torn souls forced into an unliving being, pieced together from the pain and memories of Bloodspeaker assassins over many centuries. [2]

Assassin Edit

Shukumei was a bloodspeaker who could conceal his Taint, and used this advantage to assassinate many, usually by tearing out their hearts. [3]

Raised to Life Edit

Throughout the centuries, Shukumei had perished many times, usually while clutching the heart of its enemy. After it died another skilled Bloodspeaker could harvest the tattered souls and weave them anew. [2]

Rosoku's Death Edit

In 1166 he was even able to circumvent the elaborate wards of the Imperial Palace to reach the monk Rosoku, descendant of Shinsei himself, and tear out his heart. [3]

"Just one word." "Die"
-Shukumei [3]

Refuge of Shinsei's descendants Edit

Despite Shukumei was destroyed in the Imperial Palace several weeks later it was again alive, and with its master reached a secluded monastery. In this place the descendants of Shinsei hid for generations. They took one of his servants, Ikuto, and tortured him. The bloodspeakers were seeking how to use the Book of the Five Rings, that they found in the monastery. [2]

Death Edit

Asahina Sekawa, the Jade Champion, appeared in the monastery, severed the tether that bound Shukumei to its master, and killed them both. [2]

External Links Edit


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