Created by: Doji Yasurugi
First used by: Kakita
Currently in the possession of: Currently unused in Tengoku

Shukujo was the Ancestral Sword of the Crane. It was forged by Doji Yasurugi, and when wielded by the true Crane Clan Champion, Shukujo would release the most joyous, clear note. [1] [2] [3]

Lost to Jigoku Edit

It was carried into the Shadowlands of the Day of Thunder by Doji Konishiko. When she died her soul joined Yasurugi, and both spirits were bound to Shukujo. The blade fell into the hole Isawa made while binding Fu Leng to the black Scrolls, so it was lost to Jigoku. [4] Within the blade rested the souls of both Konishiko and Yasurugi, although they had been in there so long that they no longer communicate with the wielder. [1]

Recovered from the Shadowlands Edit

It was retrieved afterwards by Konishiko's brother Doji Hayaku in the year 46. [5] Hayaku moved to the Shadowlands and heard the voice of her sister from the demon realm, taking his own throat to journey after them. He managed to free the blade from Jigoku, and with the aid of the Maho-tsukai Hida Yohko returned his soul into his body. The couple married after their return with the blade. [6]

Abilities Edit

Shukujo was used to choose the next Crane Clan Champion upon the death of the old. Any who touched the blade and were not of the bloodline of Kakita or Doji themselves would loose their mind to the fury of the powers within the blade. [1]

Loss of the SwordEdit

When Amaterasu ordered that the Ancestral Swords be scattered among the heavens as retribution for the death of Onnotangu, Shori was taken from Ningen-do and placed in Tengoku. [7]

Wielders of Shukujo Edit

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