Shrine of the Three Dynasties

Shrine of the Three Dynasties

The Shrine of the Three Dynasties was built within the Ichidou District [1] in 1199 at Toshi Ranbo to honor the dynasties that had ruled the Emerald Empire, the Hantei Dynasty, the Toturi Dynasty, and the Iweko Dynasty. A number of ancestral spirits related to the Virtues of Bushido found residence there. [2] One of its known Guardian Spirits was Tsuruchi Nobumoto. [3]

Celebrations Edit

The Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Uji was elevated as the Fortune of Chugo, the Bushido Virtue of Duty [4] and another The Khan Moto Chagatai was elevated as Fortune of Yu, the Bushido Virtue of Courage, in a celebration held in the shrine. [5] Bayushi Yojiro, the late Scorpion Clan Champion, became the Bushido Virtue of Honesty. [3]


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