Shrine of the Shadow's Eye

Shrine of the Shadow's Eye (S16)

The Shrine of the Shadow's Eye (S16) was a Scorpion Clan holding, and it's secondary function was devoted to magical research on behalf of the Scorpion. [1]

Location Edit

It was located deep in the mountains of Kinbou province, constructed in a well-concealed and easily defensible location in the mountains. [2]

History Edit

Fighting the Lying Darkness Edit

The shrine was used infrequently until 1132, when the Scorpion returned from their exile and the Lying Darkness' minions began to take direct action all across Rokugan. The Soshi began to gather at the shrine to set into motion plans to defeat the Darkness, but the Shrine was attacked by Goju Ninja and destroyed, and the shrine's memory was lost to the history. [2]

Rediscovered Edit

In 1151 the Scorpion Clan rediscovered the shrine. They found no evidence of any inhabitation or use, save crystal-lined kanji carvings that identified the place as the 'Shrine of the Shadow's Eye' and hailed it as the last line of defense against Nothing. The Soshi reclaimed the shrine for spell research into dangerous areas, including an attempt to redevelop Tejina to be safer and usable without attracting the Shadow Dragon's attention. Below the Shrine, hidden underground, was a three-room complex where the truly dangerous Tejina was practiced. The basement was warded with crystal and jade, and sealed with powerful wards, expecting the Shadow Dragon never learn that the shrine existed. The Soshi investigated a way to steal the power of Nothing back from the Shadow Dragon and had it serve the Scorpion fully. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 it was attacked and evacuated during the Destroyer War. Doji Nakaru was in charge of the defenses and Shosuro Takuma in charge of the evacuation itself. [4]


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