The Cave of Thunder [1] was one of the most sacred temples in Rokugan, and was revered by all clans.

Seven Thunders Edit

The shrine honoured the original Seven Thunders as well as their reincarnations from the Clan War. The Yamabushi monks who attended the shrine were reclusive and believed that enlightenment could only be reached through meditation, contemplation and study. [2] It was built on the flanks of the Mountain of the Seven Thunders. [3] The Temple held nothing more than cells for sleeping, a central kitchen, a central gathering place around the Shrine, and a number of meditation chambers. [4] Hidden within the monastery was the Library of the Thunders. [5]

Memorial Edit

Mountain of the Seven Thunders

Memorial to the original Thunders

It was their duty to maintain the colossal monument to the Thunder's sacrifice. Each of the heroes is carved onto the face of the mountain. The souls of the Thunders dwelt within the mountain and lent the Yamabushi monks astounding elemental abilities. The monks believed that only five of the Thunders were actually present in the mountain. [6] Seven golden tables remembered the Thunders, being six empty, and the Scorpion one held Shosuro's Cloak. At the base of the tables laid offerings of incense, money and flowers. [7] In the 12th century the monks added relics of the second incarnations of the Thunders. [8]

School Edit

The monks of the Order of the Seven Thunders believed that enlightenment could only be reached through meditation, contemplation and study. This did not mean they forsaken all martial training. When they reached a certain point in their training, both mental and physical, they were offered the option of travelling beyond the monastery and experienced life. Those who did often found it difficult, as they were very unequipped to handle others who were not of monastic background. [2] [9]

History Edit

Bad Omen Edit

In 1126 a murder of crows burst from the earth near the Mountain of the Seven Thunders. The birds soared directly for the temple, then turned away sharply and headed for the sky. Elderly monks interpreted the omen as a sign that they should flee. The monk who first witnessed the event, a young nun named Eisai, disappeared three days after reporting it. [10]

Assaulted Edit

The temple was assaulted in 1133 by the Goju to steal Shosuro's Cloak which had been kept there for a thousand years. [3] Takao and Hizuka were alongside the sohei defenders. [11]


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