Shrine of the Path

Shrine of the Path

The Shrine of the Path was a hidden temple located just south of Road's End Village, the undisclosed stronghold of the Asako Henshin. It was built under the rule of Asako Toshi as a Henshin outlet to interact with the outside world. Visitors were kept company by at least one of the formerly-isolated henshin for the duration of their stay. [1]

Tradition and Training Edit

There were few peasants so practically all labor was performcd by the monks. Studies of Tao of Shinsei, the New Tao, Asako's Path were part of the daily regimen alongisde with the basic soft martial arts. [1]

Sensei Edit

There was no one master of the Shrine. Those who led the monks were immortals that had lived for decades or even centuries. Ruling as a council, they were given equal standing with their peers. [1]


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