Shrine of the Moon

Shrine of the Moon

Reihaido Hitomi also known as the Shrine of the Moon, was the temple dedicated to Hitomi. Asako Bairei was the founder of this site and the first master. This Shrine had been built to be able to save Hitomi from the influence of the Lying Darkness by meant of prayers.

Location Edit

The shrine was located in the Asako provinces near the Dragon lands, [1] in the grounds of Shinden Asako, the Henshin temple within Mori Isawa. [2]

Construction Edit

The shrine was built using techniques once used by the Asahina family. Bairei rediscovered techniques the Asahina had used but discarded due to structural flaws. Bairei successfully eliminated those flaws, and built the Shrine within the span of a month. [3]

Tradition Edit

From the very beginning were allowed the Dragon who wanted to tend the shrine. At the request of Master of Void Shiba Ningen, Hitomi family monks had been invited to the shrine so long as they approach unarmed and unescorted. [2] The invitation remained even when the Dragon-Phoenix War was ongoing at the time of the shrine was built. [1]

Last Hitomi Edit

In 1169 the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Satsu announced the unification the three families in the Togashi family. The Hitomi Daimyo Hitomi Kagetora did not join the Togashi, serving his days in the Shrine of the Moon. [4]

Sensei Edit

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