The Shrine of the Hantei was a large, abandoned temple located deep in the forests northwest of Kyuden Doji. It was built during the War of Spirits, intended as a memorial to the fallen Hantei Dynasty. [1]

Cursed Edit

Accidents were frequent during its construction, and several men died when the chamber intended to be dedicated to Hantei Sotorii collapsed. Rumors began to spread that the shrine was cursed. Crane regent Kakita Kaiten ceased the construction when it eventually became too expensive to justify, and the road leading to it was destroyed. The fact that the invading spirit armies were led by the risen Hantei XVI also influenced his decision. [1]

Haunted Edit

Bands of ronin or homeless peasants who attempted to move in invariably left within days, citing terrible nightmares and unexplained accidents during their stay in the temple. [1]


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