Shrine of Osano-Wo

Shrine of Osano-Wo

The Shrine of Osano-Wo was located near a patch of rich farmlands.

Battle at Fortune's Plain Edit

In 554 the shrine was the location for the Battle at Fortune's Plain where first the Scorpion and Crab, then the Scorpion and Lion fought for control of the shrine and nearby farmlands.[1]

Battle of the Thundering Shrine Edit

In 716 the border skirmish known as the Battle of the Thundering Shrine was fought between the Crab and Scorpion following the Battle of the Cresting Wave. The fierce storms and rocky terrain made the fighting extremely difficult for both sides. [2] Hida Yugira was one of the warriors of this day, and it was rumored that Yugira was actually Osano-Wo. [3]

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