The Shrine of Agasha Kitsuki was built in Floating Village to honor the memory of Agasha Kitsuki, the founder of the Kitsuki family. [1]

Founding Edit

The Phoenix wished to erect a shrine to Agasha Kitsuki on the spot where he died. The Dragon agreed, but requested the Phoenix to cede the land to them so that Kitsuki's shrine would be on Dragon soil. The Kitsuki family was so small that the Shiba refused and the Kitsuki withdrew their request. [1]

Ashes Edit

Agasha Kitsuki's Ashes

Agasha Kitsuki's Ashes

Agasha Kitsuki's ashes rested in the shrine, until they were retrieved by Daidoji Kirimi in 1171, to save them from desecration by the yobanjin Army of Fire. [2]


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