Shovel was an eta who buried the dead animals of Tea Village, in the Crab lands, within the Twilight Mountains. [1]

Bloodspeaker Edit

Shovel joined the Workers of Flesh, a Bloodspeaker cell created by Mohai. After a year Mohai left the village and the first villager he recruited, Tanner, took over as the head of the cult. [2]

Scoured Edit

Tanner was more ambitious than cautious, and decided to go work at Kyuden Hida and he left the village with only one other cultist. He was caught immediately, and executed along with his follower. The Kuni Witch Hunter scoured Tea Village for more cultists, and the cell was saved by Shovel. He let their most disposable and most Tainted cultists flaunted their Taint in front of the Crab Hunters, who quickly executed them and left the village. [2]

Head of the Cell Edit

The majority of the cell's maho scrolls laid in the tunnels underneath his hut, and the knowledge of such power nearby emboldens him. He left Tea Village to find out more spells and information for his cell. In 1165 Shovel learned that the ancient Bloodspeaker leader named Iuchiban had risen from the dead, but he was afraid to show the cell to Iuchiban. [2]


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