The Shosuro cartel was a criminal organization, involved in all kinds of opium activities under the Shosuro family control. [1]

Territory Edit

Shosuro, Bayushi cartel, and Soshi cartel controlled the opium business as a monopoly. The Shosuro got to sell past of Ryoko Owari, south of the Drowned Merchant River and northeast of the Spine of the World Mountains, so they covered Lion and Crane territories, along with Otosan Uchi. [2]

Production Edit

Illegal opium - smokeable or drinkable - were made in a dozen small processing shops all over Ryoko Owari, and a couple out in the countryside. All of them were legal shops which covered the illegal part of the business. It was distributed into scores of tiny parcels going out constantly, which made it a solid network, but less profitable than if they were shipped through huge caravans. On the other hand, big shipments were easier to be uncovered by magistrates. [3]

Known leaders Edit


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