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Shosuro Tsuyoshi 
Shosuro Tsuyoshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Shosuro Tsuyoshi was a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Appearance Edit

Tsuyoshi was a heavy-set Scorpion courtier in a ghastly mask. [1]

Gozoku Edit

Tsuyoshi joined the Gozoku, believing in the philosophy behind. He reported regularly to a masked agent that reached him at Ryoko Owari. [1]

Shadowed Tower Edit

In 1166 Bayushi Sunetra, former Scorpion Clan Champion, met him and told she knew his Gozoku membership. Instead killing him instantly as a traitor she told a secret that would horrify Tsuyoshi if it was true. [1]

Death Edit

The same day the Emperor Toturi III married, Tsuyoshi had a meeting with the Gozoku messenger. Sunetra stepped in and was able to tear his cloak away, exposing his face. The trademark mask identified him as Bayushi Kamnan. Tsuyoshi saw Sunetra had said the truth, the Gozoku and the Shadowed Tower were the same filthy. He could not do much more, because Kamnan killed him. [1]

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