Shosuro Tsia 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 609 
Parents: Un-named Shosuro Actor sensei 
Titles: Steel Champion

Shosuro Tsia was and actor, courtier, and daughter of the sensei of the Shosuro Actor school. [1]

Emperor's Advisor Edit

In summer of 589 her childhood friend Hantei Okucheo became the Emperor Hantei XVI, and recalled Tsia to his side as one of his closest advisors, alongside Akodo Tsurikan, Daidoji Tojo, Hida Tsuneo, Miya Karuo, and Suzume Kirako. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Tsia had been brilliant and lovely when young, but she had little confidence in her own abilities, and thus fell under the sway of Okucheo's charisma and embraced his guidance. She became one of the most powerful and ruthless women in the Empire. Once in the Imperial City, she became his secret lover. [2]

Underhand of the Emperor Edit

Tsia worked out to get rid of those whom the Emperor perceived betrayal. In 591 Hantei XVI carried out a whispering campaign against the Crane Clan Champion Doji Rin, with the assistance of Tsia. Rin eventually retired to a monastery. In 594 it was the turn of Tojo, who had used information about Okucheo's political maneuvers to his own agenda, destroying years of Okucheo's meticulous planning. Tojo was discovered to be guilty of crimes against the Empire, with evidence supplied by Tsuriken and Tsia, and was hanged. [3]

Steel Champion Edit

In 596 Hantei XVI created the Steel Magistrates, a group of magistrates whose job would be to root out treason among the samurai of the Empire, with Tsia at its head, unofficially referring to her as the Steel Champion. They unleashed an unrestlessly campaign against agents of the Scorpion Clan, using her knowledge of the Scorpion information network. Tsia evaded at least three assassination attempts that winter. [4]

Death Edit

In 609, at the beginning of Winter court, Tsia was arrested and tortured in open court. She confessed the Steel Magistrates were plotting against the Emperor, and hanged along with the entirety of the Steel Magistrates. [5]

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