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Shosuro Tezuko

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Shosuro Tezuko 
Shosuro Tezuko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown

Shosuro Tezuko was a Scorpion Clan geisha and shugenja who resided at the House of the Rising Sun and worked closely with Soshi Ikio.

Plague Edit

In 1171 Tezuko was sent by the Shosuro Daimyo Shosuro Toson to Ginasutra. Tezuko confirmed several villagers had died from the plague, and many other had suffered contagion. Tezuko worked using an air shield against the foulness in the air. The village was burned and no villagers let to escape. [1]

Death Edit

Tezuo died before the end of the Destroyer War. [2]

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