Shosuro Temare was a samurai-ko of the Scorpion Clan.

Bayushi lover Edit

Temare had been sent to Kyuden Bayushi to prove her worthy in the Scorpion court. She met there a young bushi who recently had returned from Shosuro lands, Bayushi Itaru. The two became friends and later lovers. [1]

Betrothed to a Shinjo Edit

Her father called her home to inform Temare that as part of an arrangement with the Shinjo family she would be sent to be married, becoming a spy in the midst of Unicorn country as well. Temare returned Kyuden Bayushi and ended her relationship with Itaru, at least publicly. [1]

Death Edit

When spring came to a close and the time for Temare to depart was at hand, the two announced that they would fight one last duel. Itaru had the advantage of size and strength, but Temare was well known for a keen patience and her ability to wait opponents out until they grew foolish. The "duel" was over in seconds. Both samurai stepped forward and each executed a perfect strike to the heart, neither attempting to parry. [2]

Kempi flowers Edit

North of Shiro no Shosuro a small grove with a stone shrine commemorated the deaths of the lovers. [3] Behind the corpses were found two identical kempi flowers, one worn over the heart of each samurai. Since that time, it had been the height of fashion to give, as a gift of honorable love, a jeweled brooch in the shape of the blood-red flower. [2]


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