Shosuro Tanzaki

Shosuro Tanzaki

Shosuro Tanzaki was a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Weaponsmith Family Edit

Tanzaki was the head of a very wealthy family of artisans and smiths. He controled how the gifts of his family were distributed among the clan, ensuring that those who received their coveted goods were in his debt. [1]

Colonies Edit

During the Age of Exploration, Tanzaki was serving at the Imperial Court, carrying messages for his lord. The Imperial Chancellor Toku Hikaru considered him a friend. [2] Tanzaki was aware of the existence of a slumbering ashalan, named the "Crystal Wind", and feared that the entity's influence has somehow extended to members of his own clan in the Second City. He had not informed other members of his clan about his suspicions, but he kept a very close eye on Bayushi Manami, a magistrate with whom he had worked before, and who was close friends with Doji Nikaitsu. The Crane courtier owned a crystal netsuke and lately acted very strangely. Eventually Nikaitsu committed seppuku, pressed by an investigation on his behavior performed by a group of samurai. [3]

Exploration Edit

Tanzaki's Fate

Tanzaki's Fate

In 1198 he met Bayushi Manami, who gave him a map of the region Tanzaki was of interest, where it was located the lair of the "Crystal Wind". [4] The previous year a group had been disappeared near a particular outcropping of crystal, and Tanzaki wished to know what secrets laid hidden within. [5] The Ashalan awakened and captured the Scorpion. The fate of Tanzaki after he explored the Ashalan's lair was unknown. [6]

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