Shosuro Tagiso

Shosuro Tagiso

Shosuro Tagiso was a bushi and ninja of the Scorpion Clan.

Missions in the Colonies Edit

Tagiso, under the command of Bayushi Shizuka, killed a governor of another clan, who had become so inconvenient. During the mission he also gathered the current location of the gaijin nemuranai known as then Blood of the Preserver. The Spider had retained a small amount of it for their own use after giving the bulk of it to the Empress Iweko I. The Scorpion's intelligence suggested that her younger son Iweko Shibatsu was aware of the Blood's location. [1]

War with the Lion Edit

In the Month of the Hare of the year 1200, during the war with the Lion Clan, Tagiso was sent to a small Hare village which was under the protection of the Lion. He blackmailed Ujina Tatsuhei, a renowned blacksmith, to work only for the Scorpion, leaving his family behind. In return, Tagiso gave him an antidote which would heal Ujina Shou, Tatsuhei's son. [2]

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