Shosuro Tage 
Shosuro Tage 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Titles: Selqet Avatar

Shosuro Tage was a little-known Scorpion Clan courtier that became instrumental in the return of the Kami Shinjo to Rokugan.

Appearance and abilities Edit

Tage was a smiling, petite woman, with laughing eyes and delicate, almost fragile features. She was a renowned actress and her knowledge of Rokugani literature was second only to her skill in the court. [1]

Training Edit

Shosuro Tage was trained personally by the Shosuro Daimyo, Shosuro Hametsu, and also by famed courtier Bayushi Kyoto. She became a ruthless, devious, and brutally proficient infiltrator. [2]

Manipulating Yojiro Edit

Tage's sensei, Bayushi Kyoto, tasked her with convincing Bayushi Yojiro to use his skills in the service of the Clan. Tage proceeded to tell Yojiro that a Crane samurai had destroyed a geisha house, killing all inside, to hide his shame. On the eve of Yojiro's operation to dishonor and destroy the man, Tage revealed that it had all been a ruse, and if he could use his abilities for revenge, he could also use them to serve the Scorpion. Yojiro hesitated only a moment before ordering the operation to destroy the Crane. [3]

Winter Court - Shiro Gisu Edit

Shosuro Tage was the leader of a Shosuro Acting Troupe [4] that graced the Winter Court of Shiro Gisu, in the domain of the Asako family. A skilled actress, [1] she portrayed Lady Doji in the play the Death of the First Hantei. [5] Tage was involved in the scandal at Shiro Gisu which cast doubt on the lineage of the Emperor's niece, Otomo Yoroshiku. [6] Her source of information was Yogo Bashiko, in the guise of Kakita Nantoko, maidservant of Yoroshiku. [7] But Bashiko did not follow the commands and impersonated Ryuden, a minor daimyo who had challenged Himitsu for his slight, entered Himitsu's room and killed him. [8] Bashiko was insane, and when she was finally found, she died fighting the investigators. [9]

Scorpion Embassy - Otosan Uchi Edit

It was Kyoto who assigned her to the Embassy in Otosan Uchi to ensure the loyalty of the Scorpion Emissary, Shosuro Sadato. [2]

The Burning Sands Edit

Attacked by the Senpet Edit

In 1130 the Scorpion Clan was exiled to the Burning Sands, where they were attacked by the Senpet and enslaved. [10] During the fray Tage had taken a foreign steed and tried to flee, but the Senpet tried to cut her escape. [11] The Moto Clan fought against the Senpet to retrieve her from sure slavery. [12]

Ujik-hai Edit

Tage LBS

Shosuro Tage in the Moto Camp

The ronin Dairya, known as the Eye of the Night in these lands, rescued Tage and passed her to the Moto Tar-Khan, Moto Kiyoshi, [13] leader of the Moto Clan, descendant of the Ujik-hai. [14] Tage lived in the Moto camp, and one of them, a small elder sahir was very interested in her. He had a strange mark in his neck. [15] Moto Jangir, in secret a member of the necromantic cult of the Jackal and a seer, knew of the prophecy of Awakening and the importance of Tage on its fulfillment. [16]

Shinjo's Avatar Edit

Tage was identified as one of the four Avatars, the four bahiya that contained missing souls from the Ashalan. [17] [2] The Immortal Caliph of Medinaat al-Salaam also had discovered the identity of the last Avatar, and prepared to kill her. [18] It was unknown if Tage's life was really threatened.

The Ra'Shari in the 11th century already had predicted one of the avatar would be born at Rokugan. They sent a group to Rokugan to retrieve the child, but unsuccessfully. [19]

Death Edit

Shosuro Tage 3

Tage, the Fourth Avatar

The other three were Amru the Qabal, Kara of the Moto, and Zahra the Ebonite. In 1132, she was called upon at the Awakening to release Shinjo from her imprisonment using the power of the Fallen Star. [17] The avatars sacrificed themselves to release Lady Shinjo from her slumber. The release of the ancient soul from their bodies killed the Avatars. [20]

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