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Shosuro Shiriko 
Shosuro Shiriko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123

Shosuro Shiriko was a diplomat of the Scorpion Clan.

Ancient Prophecy Edit

In 1123 the Scorpion had revealed a terrifying prophecy which foretold the destruction of Rokugan. Shiriko spent a great deal of time studying ancient texts about both the Oracles and the Black Scrolls. [1]

Oracle of Fire Edit

When it was known the Oracle of Fire began his preparations to depart the mortal realm, Shiriko was sent to ask the Oracle about the prophecy. The Oracle resided atop a small mountain in the Scorpion lands, and Shiriko found that the Oracle was not alone in his cave. He was already accompanied by his successor, an eta girl. The Oracle refused to answer Shiriko's question, and was entitled to wait until the eta girl would become the new Oracle of Fire. [1]

Seducing a God Edit

Shiroko was enraged an eta would gain such post, and she seuced the Oracle, claiming her love to him, and she would commit seppuku after her beloved passed away. Emotions long forgotten surfaced in the being who once was a human, and the Oracle fell in love with Shiriko. The eta girl fled when the Oracle kissed the woman. [2]

Requesting the Mantle Edit

Shiriko bargained with the Oracle, who agreed to pass her the mantle, on the condition she passed immediatly the post to the eta girl. In such a way the "lovers" could be together in the Celestial Heavens for the eternity. When Shiriko suggested another individual as her successor, the Oracle saw Shiriko's duplicity for what it was. [3]

Oracle's Rage Edit

Shiriko fled, and the scorned lover headed for Kyuden Shosuro, intent on finding his lost love. The Oracle of Fire had weakened his connection to the Dragon of Fire for the previous events, so when he put the Scorpion holding under siege, it was not immediately destroyed. [4]

Shosuro's Dagger Edit

The Scorpion devised a plan to strip the Oracle of his power, and bestow it upon Shiriko. The diplomat had to kill the Oracle with a powerful nemuranai, the Shosuro's Dagger. The item had to be prepared and moved, so a group of non-Scorpion samurai were sent to deal with the Oracle, expecting they would gain time at the cost of their lifes. [5]

Death Edit

When the group returned with Tomuko to the Oracle's cave, Shiriko also appeared. She managed to be close of the Oracle, enough to stab him with Shosuro's Dagger. Before the courtier could steal the Oracle's power, the samurai broke her grip. The Oracle burned all the Scorpion, including Shiriko, so their plan failed and Tomuko became the new Oracle of Fire. [6]

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