Shosuro Sanzo was a member of the Scorpion Clan in the 7th century.

Murderer Edit

He kidnapped Kaiu Yemon after the engineer returned from his last work, a hidden vault which stored something very important, but completely unknown for Yemon. Sanzo tortured the Crab unitl he drew a map of the place, then killed him. Yemon had traveled blindfolded to the workplace, a desolate granite mountains, so no clue of where the Yemon's Legacy was. [1]

Hiding the map Edit

Sanzo ordered his descendants that the map showed part of how to get at something very dangerous. It must be hidden in his funeral urn, and that anyone outside the family who tried to steal it should be killed. The place was guarded by a riddle, and the key was to answer like a Shosuro. The burial urn was handed down from generation to generation in Sanzo's family. [2]

After death Edit

Sanzo became a yorei which haunted those who were near his tomb. Sanzo used to fight and the defeated ones got an icy scar where Sanzo's sword hit and turned his hair permanently white, and the loser tasked to protect the map. Those who lose the map or permitted it was copied had their wound bleeding until the issue was settled. Eventually he surrendered the map to a magistrate group. [3]


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