Please note: This article is about the alchemist and Poison Master. For other uses of the term, please see Sakura (disambiguation).
Shosuro Sakura

Shosuro Sakura

Shosuro Sakura was an alchemist, Poison Master, ninja, seductress, and duelist of the Scorpion Clan.

Coronation of Iweko II Edit

Sakura was part of the Scorpion delegation who attended the coronation of Iweko Seiken as Iweko II. She poisoned Yoritomo Goichi, who died in front of the Imperial Court. His death was a clear message to the Mantis, who had brazenly interfered in Scorpion affairs. To cover up appearances, the Scorpion had a document forged which incriminated one of Goichi's underling, but they were exposed as a forgery by Kitsuki Kira, who was investigating the murder. [1]

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