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Shosuro Rokujo

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Shosuro Rokujo 
Shosuro Rokujo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Died after return:
Siblings: Shosuro Orikasa

Shosuro Rokujo was a courtier and shugenja of the Scorpion Clan, and a Goryo.

Family Edit

Rokujo was the sister of Shosuro Orikasa and worked together. [1]

Death Edit

Rokujo somehow died and became a goryo. [2]

Orikasa's Madness Edit

Orikasa suspected she was mad because she could see her dead sister, while others could not. Rokujo whispered, talked, or even screamed to her, but the people around Orikasa did not notice it. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

Rokujo followed Orikasa in their wanderings during the Destroyer War. In 1173 they were at Magistrate’s Keep, where they met Koan. Rokujo was greatly nervous this day, franticly talking about "they are coming". Orikasa was surprised when Koan agreed with her invisible sister, confirming the Destroyers were approaching the keep, and left the place. [3]

Age of Conquest Edit

Rokujo still aided her clan during the Age of Conquest. She was questioned by Bayushi Akane. [4]

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