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Shosuro Rei 
Born: c.1093 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Emerald Magistrate

Shosuro Rei was a samurai-ko of the Scorpion Clan. [1]

Appearance Edit

Rei was medium height, stocky with slightly puffy features. Her face had lines of worry and amusement, and her mask was a metal mesh in the shape of spider's web, stretching diagonally across the left side of her face. A spider was cut into the mesh over her left eye. [1]

Beliefs Edit

Rei was very loyal to the Emperor and her Daimyo. She considered Bushido a set of “useful untruths”, untrue because she'd seen too many violations of it. She was very cynical, but believed it was still best for people to try to follow bushido. [1]

Duties Edit

Rei served as an Emerald Magistrate. [2] She was primarily interested in pursuing justice, but not just to gain power. She believed that wrongs had to be punished, although crimes had to be very bad to make her incensed. She felt the little things, such as drunkeness, minor bribery/blackmail and non-fatal brawling, were not worth the trouble. The things she deemed most serious were things like the deaths of innocents and treason. [1] [3]

On duty Edit

In 1122 Rei was watching Beiden Pass and the areas by the Three Man Alliance Plain. In the Month of the Hare she caught a man called Long Ears, who was traveling toward Crab lands with forged travel papers. Rei delayed Long Ears' execution when her fellow Ryoko Owari Toshi's Emerald magistrate Kakita Naritoki requested the man. The Crane guessed Long Ears was one of the phony Ryoko Ninja and Rei passed the man to him. [4] Less than two months later Naritoki was assassinated. [5]

Suspicions Edit

In 1123, at the age of 30, Rei suspected there was treason being plotted both within and outside her Clan.[6] She investigated the lands surrounding the Hare Clan following rumors that an agent of the Hare Clan had murdered Soshi Yukio and stolen something from her.[7] She attempted to obtain a copy of the scroll which had been stolen after the destruction of the Hare Clan following an attack by Bayushi Tomaru's army. She felt her duties to Bayushi Shoju conflicted with her duties to the Emerald Champion. [2]

"I feel that the Yukio scroll may be a clue to something larger and more threatening. Therefore, my duty to the Emerald Champion compels me to retain a copy of the scroll for my own investigation..."
- Rei


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