Shosuro Omezo

Shosuro Omezo

Shosuro Omezo was a bushi saboteur ninja of the Scorpion Clan.

Plotting against the Crane Edit

The Crane Clan was at Shiro Moto to made a trade agreement with the Unicorn Clan. The Unicorn would begin sending caravans to the Crane lands regularly. Anyhow the Crane would fortify the border until the Unicorn could prove they could be trusted. Bayushi Tsimaru commanded Omezo to create havoc in the Crane border to foul the agreement. [1]

Surveying Crane interests at Shiro Moto Edit

Omezo was sent in 1165 as ambassador to the Khan's court at Shiro Moto. He and Moto Hanzhi engineered a gambit to deceive Doji Takeji, servant of Kakita Munemori. While Hanzhi and Takeji were talking, Omezo interrupted them abruptely. He spoke rude words of Munemori and was dismished by Hanzhi. Takeji offered Hanzhi a strange alliance Crane-Unicorn. Nor Hanzhi neither Omezo trusted Takeji, and both allies would survey the Crane closely. [2]

External Links Edit


  1. Treachery and Reprisal (Scorpion vs Unicorn Clan Rivals)
  2. Guile, by Rich Wulf

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