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Shosuro O-Kido was a duelist Samurai-ko of the Scorpion Clan. [1]

Shosuro Blade Edit

The son of Shosuro Yakakina, an infamous duelist, was cought by the Kakita using a poisoned blade during a tournament. Following his disgrace, the duelist told the Shosuro Daimyo the secret of his father's success in duels to first blood, the Shosuro Blade. The weapon concealed poison in the back of the blade which was released when the weapon was unsheathed. It was only a matter of time until his opponent would fall victim to the poison. [1]

Avenging her Clan Edit

Her daimyo had another weapon crafted immediately and issued O-Kido to use at the next such tournament. O-Kido confronted Kakita Akahi in the finals, a rising young duelist and the nephew of Kakita Shoji, the Kakita Dueling tournament's organizer. O-Kido won Akahi, who perished three weeks later of an unexplained fever. [1]


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