Shosuro Nodage was a Scorpion Clan samurai during the reign of Hantei X. He was one of the most accomplished Shosuro of the time. [1]

Nodage and the Ninja Myth Edit

Nodage was charged by Bayushi Hajioki, the Scorpion Clan Champion of his time, to develop a myth about a secret society separate from the Scorpion that would divert the attention from the Scorpion ninja activities that caused much scandal during the reign of Hantei X, even resulting in the death of Hajioki's brother Bayushi Aramoro. [1]

Infiltrators Edit

Nodage and his men established the standard for ninja, donning black masks and clothing and launching missions that were almost but not quite perfectly covert. Nodage refined his techniques and developed the full form of the Shosuro Infiltrator school. It was also Nodage who developed the tradition of the infamous Shosuro “Gauntlet” to test new shinobi. [2]

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