Shosuro Nobuyo was a butei and ninja of the Scorpion Clan, member of the criminal Black Lotus Cartel.

Family Edit

Shortly after Nobuyo's gempukku his father was exposed participating in dishonorable behavior that embarrassed their Provincial Governor. He was forced to live almost as a mercenary. His mother, a butei like Nobuyo, was released from her commitment to her acting troupe. They moved to Ryoko Owari, where his mother adopted another name and found a place in the governor's court. [1]

Black Lotus Edit

His father joined the fledging Black Lotus Cartel, and Nobuyo soon followed suit. He elevated among the criminals aided by his butei skills, which allowed him to move among his enemies, completely undetected. Nobuyo was handpicked by the leader of the cartel, Hiroto, as the regional commander in charge of all Clear Water Village activities. [1]


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