Shosuro Nagako was a Shosuro Actor of the Scorpion Clan.

Station in the Kaiu Wall Edit

The Scorpion had developed an interest in all things related to the Shadowlands since the appearance of the Second Festering Pit, and Nagako was ordered to pose as Hiruma Eiko, and sent to the Kaiu Wall. In 1199 she and Hiruma Fujito were tasked to destroy a new breed of oni, which looked like a centipede, over fifty feet long, and covered in a black spurs which it kept projecting around itself. Those wounded by the black spur began to suffer and a voice projected in their minds told how to halt the pain, to surrender themselves to the Shadowlands Taint. The couple tracked down the demon, but Nagako was forced to uncover herself in order to have success in the mission. Fujito killed the oni with a jade dagger given by Nagako, and they got back to their respective clans. [1]


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