Shosuro Mizuno

Shosuro Mizuno

Shosuro Mizuno was a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.[1]

Meeting Honami Edit

In 1169 she and her assistant Bayushi Kurumi were asked by Bayushi Paneki to ask Yogo Honami for her opinion on which Dragon to recommend as ambassador to Medinat al-Salaam. [2]

Black Lotus Cartel Edit

In 1170 Kurumi was the courier between Mizuno and the Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen, who gave him scrolls that contained much information on the Black Lotus Cartel. The information was instrumental to take control of Zakyo Toshi in the name of the Emperor by Jimen, who in turn gave it to the Scorpion Clan. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

Mysterious statuary Edit

In 1171 Mizuno was present at Imperial Court. [4] A mysterious statuary appeared there, clearly made by a Crab anonimous artisan. The piece of stone depicted despair and anger, joy and sorrow and even love. It raised the spirits of those who saw it in such dreadful time during the Destroyer War. Mizuno's thought on court manipulation were put aside, replaced by questions regarding the nature of the art. [5]

Eisaku's group Edit

Bayushi Eisaku, who had journeyed to the shadowlands with a Rokugani group of different Clans, had not returned. The survivors had gained an audience with the Empress Iweko I. All Kurumi's attempts to collect information from one of the group, Kakita Hideo, had been proven futile. In 1172 Mizuno pressed Kurumi to get results, and they decided to cultivate a connection with another of Hideo's group. [6]

Shadow Court Edit

After the gaijin ruhmalist attack to the Empress in the opening of the winter court, Shosuro Jimen cancelled it. Domotai invited the Clans to conduct the so-called Shadow Court in the Embassy of the Crane. The Scorpion were the only one who did not attend, outmanouvered by the Crane. The Asahina Daimyo Asahina Beniha passed an invitation to Mizuno, who could not resist the chance to deny Beniha something her wanted. The Scorpion were out of the first few weeks of court. [7]

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