Shosuro Miyeko was a samurai-ko of the Scorpion Clan. In 1159 she was an inexperienced agent who would be tested by her lords. Miyeko was entrusted with sensitive documents and ordered to take them to Otosan Uchi. She was not aware that the documents supplied false information, and that her Scorpion masters leaked word of the caravan to the Mantis. The caravan was ambushed by the Mantis, but a group of samurai routed the attackers. The next night other attackers were sighted, Scorpion agents to ensure that the situation came to a head, but retreated immediately when confronted. Miyeko took the boxes containing the information out of the samurai, and left them. Miyeko's superiors had wished to learn how she reacted to something so unexpected. [1]


  1. Four Winds, pp. 33-34

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