Shosuro Mina was a member o fthe Scorpion Clan.

Appearance Edit

Mina was a plain woman with a blue gauze veil as mask. She tended to accent her clan colors with blue. [1]

Ancestor Edit

Mina was a descendant of Shosuro Sanzo, a man of the 7th century who got a map that showed part of how to get at something very dangerous. Sanzo ordered that the map be hidden in his funeral urn, and that anyone outside the family who tried to steal it should be killed. Mina also knew that it was guarded by a riddle, and the key was to answer like a Shosuro. [1] She did not that Sanzo had become a yorei which haunted his tomb. [2]

Scheming Edit

In 1122 Mina noticed that a shugenja called Yogo Senko was making a few discreet inquiries about a map of a hidden vault. She met Senko, Kuni Hyakken, and the leader of the group, Hoji Bokusui. Mina arranged an appointment at Ryoko Owari Toshi to discuss the matter. She planned to use the three conspirators to get the map out of the trapped crypt and urn at the city's cemetery, then kill them and hide the map somewhere else. [3]

Tomb's trap Edit

Sanzo's urn was concealed behind a door with nine pushing panels on it. Each panel had a short phrase on it and on top of the door was the question ‘What Is The Measure Of A Noble Soul?”, a question Shinsei asked to the seven Kami. The nine phrases were “Courage”, “The Deeds It Accomplished”, “Its Lies”, “Honor Is The Measure”, “Power”, “Measure A Soul By The Quality Of Its Enemies”, “The Secrets It Kept, And Those It Gave Away”, "Wisdom”, “Each Soul Sets Its Own Measure". The good one was the third and the rest sprayed poison gas. [4]


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