Shosuro Meiyoko 
Shosuro Meiyoko 
Born: 1106 
Died: 1123 
Parents: Shosuro Yunaki 
Titles: Meiyoko district's governor

Shosuro Meiyoko was the Meiyoko district's governor of Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Training Edit

Meiyoko was daughter of Shosuro Yunaki, a corrupted District Governor. Her father sent Meiyoko to be taught in the honorable ways, and she was trained in the Bayushi Courtier school, and later sent to the Imperial Court. [1]

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Meiyoko was a small and delicate woman who shared the junshin view of Bushido, and carried herself as honorably as possible. She wore jewelry on her face, not hiding her features, [1] defying her clan by taking a purely conventional view of Bushido. Meiyoko was callow, but strong-willed. [2]

District Governor Edit

Meiyoko had impressed Hantei XXXVIII, so the Emperor decided in 1122 she would be the successor of the late Yunaki. Meiyoko took Yogo Mamoru and her karo and made an alliance to another new district governor, Shosuro Mukai. Another governor, Shiba Toyotomi, who sent his advisor Doji Isamu to discuss diplomatic relations. Isamu and Meiyoko began to have a closer relationship. [1]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Meiyoko was unaware of the Scorpion Coup devised by her clan, and the district was handled to Bayushi Shoju by Bayushi Yashino. She was convinced to be quiet by the chief advisor of the Tsai district, Bayushi Komei. In the fifth day she foresaw the demise of the Coup and her clan, so Meiyoko and Mamoru escaped toward the Maze of Wisdom, where they encountered Yashino. Meiyoko's life was saved by the appearance of Isamu, who struck down Yashino. They fled, never to return to Otosan Uchi. [3]

Death Edit

Meiyoko had only been once since near the Dragon mountains. [4] Shortly after the coronation of Hantei XXXIX in 1123, Mamoru had Meiyoko assassinated and assumed the governorship himself, with the approval of the Empress Bayushi Kachiko. [2]

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