Shosuro Medo

Shosuro Medo

Shosuro Medo was a courtier of Shosuro Hametsu, the Shosuro Daimyo. [1]

Oracle of Fire Edit

In 1123 the Oracle of Fire had decided he must leave Ningen-do and needed a successor. The Oracle chose a young eta called Tomuko as his successor, but this decision angered the Scorpion and they tried to cheat the Oracle. The Scorpion were unsuccessful and instead the Oracle attacked Kyuden Shosuro. [2]

Samurai Group Edit

A group of samurai were requested to aid them, but the Scorpion twisted what had happened, and suggested the Oracle had maddened, attacking them without motivation. The Scorpion sent them to the Oracle as a distraction, to gain time while they were devising a plan to strip the Oracle of his power. [3] The samurai talked with the Oracle, and returned unharmed. Despite his efforts they came to find Tomuko in her village, Mura Tedoni, instead to report directly to Hametsu. [4] After the group found Tomuko, Medo appeared and requested she had to be killed. The samurai confronted the Scorpion party and departed with the girl unharmed. [5]

Aftermath Edit

Oracle's wrath was eventually appeased by the group of industrious samurai and the balance was restored. [6]

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