Shosuro Koshurin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c.1114 
Children: Shosuro Kachiko,
Shosuro Hametsu 
Titles: Shosuro Daimyo

Shosuro Koshurin was the Shosuro Daimyo before the Scorpion Coup. He had one blue eye and one black. He had two children, a daughter Shosuro Kachiko and a son Shosuro Hametsu.

Kachiko's Betrothal Edit

Koshurin was a strict traditionalist who believed only men should rule, and his first born children, his daughter Shosuro Kachiko, was not his heir, but his son Shosuro Hametsu. [1] Kachiko had originally been betrothed to a Crab duelist Hiruma Maruku, but when the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju saw the beauty of Kachiko he wished to marry her himself. When Kachiko was sixteen years old, just past her gempukku, Maruku stormed into Imperial Court outraged, insulting the honor of Kachiko and demanding a duel. A young Doji Hoturi stepped up to fight for Kachiko's honor, and killed Maruku. [2]

Koshurin And Kachiko Edit

Koshurin despised his daughter for being something he thought women shouldn't be, an intelligent, manipulative master of the courts. During the Emperor's Winter Court of the eleventh year of the reign of Hantei XXXVIII (circa 1114), their antagonism reached it's peak, resulting in various confrontations between Koshurin and his daughter. Near that date, Shosuro Hametsu attempted to assassinate Kachiko, but failed. In return, she sent an assassin for his head as well (possibly manipulating Maruku into challenging her brother to a duel, from which he was saved by Hoturi), and fails as well. Koshurin made her a proposal. Should she survive the winter court with minimal Scorpion support, he would allow her to marry Shoju. [3]

Their confrontations ended up in Kachiko staging for Koshurin to be poisoned, causing his death during or shortly thereafter of the winter court of 1114. [4]

Koshurin And Hametsu Edit

Despite recognizing his son's weakness and despising him for it, Koshurin did all there was in his power to educate his son and raise him into a resourceful and powerful individual. Upon his death, Koshurin left Hametsu a note, a passage from a book prohibited by the Lion in the past. The note instructed that to be a successful general, one does not need to be knowledgeable in the arts of war, but be able to recognize men who possess such knowledge, be wise enough to put them in such positions and have the willpower not to hinder their efforts to serve their lord. Hametsu took that advise to heart, surrounding him with spies and advisers to compensate the natural lack of talent. [5]

Preceded by:
Shosuro Daimyo
? - c. 1114
Succeeded by:
Shosuro Hametsu


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