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Shosuro Konishi 
Shosuro Konishi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

Shosuro Konishi was a ninja of the Scorpion Clan. He was twisted by the touch of the Goju.

Shuriken Master Edit

Konishi gained a great deal of notoriety among his family for using shuriken effectively as a weapon rather than just a tool for delivering poison. [1]

War of the Twins Edit

Konishi fought in the War of the Twins under the command of Yogo Haruto, and alongside his followers attacked the Agasha territory. Shosuro Chikata was one of his men. [2]

Colonies Edit

The interim Colonial Governor Kuni Renyu ordered Bayushi Nomen to come to the house of Otomo M'rika, while the Second City was being ravaged by mobs of those who had fallen under the influx of P'an Ku's madness. Konishi was the advance guard and managed to make flee one of M'rika's guards, Goju Bunoro. Nomen broke a deal with the Otomo, to release Shinjo Kinto in exchange to keep secret the allegiance of the Goju with the Spider. The Unicorn returned to command his Imperial Legion and aid the city guard against the rioters. [3]

Consumed Edit

Konishi did not return from his mission, and he was taken by the Goju, being corrupted by their touch. Bayushi Suwabe, the yojimbo the Scorpion had sent to take the place of Shinjo Kinto as a hostage among the Otomo, had been killed by the Spider and raised as an undead. In 1199 they came back to the Scorpion Embassy, to be killed by Bayushi Shibata and his guards. [4]

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