Shosuro Kimi 
Shosuro Kimi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Shosuro Akitada,
Shosuro Hyobu 
Siblings: Shosuro Jocho

Family Edit

Kimi was the daughter of the Governor of Ryoko Owari Toshi, Shosuro Akitada and his wife Shosuro Hyobu. She had an elder brother, Shosuro Jocho. [1]

Fostered Edit

When Kimi was about ten year old her father sent her as hostage to the Doji family. In return the taxes of the city were lowered, as arranged with the Emerald Champion Doji Satsume. She remained there for six years. His father died in 1115 and the post of Governor was taken by her mother Hyobu on stead of Jocho. [2]

Return to Ryoko Owari Edit

She returned graceful, polite, beautiful, and accomplished in the courtly arts. So Kimi quickly learned she was on the outside of the Scorpion society, who did not trust her anymore after the time passed with the Crane. [3]

Betrothals Edit

Kimi found herself adrift, so she sought new peers. She met two brothers, the lighthearted and entertaining Ide Michikane, and the sincere and thoughtful Ide Asamitsu. Initially Kimi spent more time with Michikane, [3] and they engaged in 1121. [4] She eventually fell in love of Asamitsu, who felt the same way. Being the betrothed of Asamitsu's brother, they did not advance on their love until Michikane died [3] of opium overdose in 1122. [5] Kimi this year was again betrothed, now to Asamitsu. [6]

Opium War Edit

In 1122 the Opium War began with several strikes in the different opium cartels. Kimi was kidnapped by the Bayushi cartel as a hostage. After she was released she came to the Ide family instead to her own. Asamitsu, who had known of her kidnapping, took her under his protection. [7]

Fugitive Edit

Hyobu and her family fled when the Imperial Legions attacked Ryoko Owari led by Seppun Nakao, during the imperial retaliation after the failure of the Scorpion Coup. [8]


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