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Please note: This article is about the student of Shosuro Kojuno. For other uses of the term, please see Shosuro Kenjo (disambiguation).

Shosuro Kenjo was a student of Shosuro Kojuno, sensei of the Shosuro school. Kenjo was sent to the court of the Ide family in 845 with information about one of the Ide's less than honorable ancestors. He approached the Ide in question, revealing to him that the Scorpion knew of the ancestor and wished to gain information in exchange for remaining quiet about the ancestor. The Ide promtly told the Ide Daimyo himself, and Kenjo was executed by hanging from the gates of Ide castle with his legs tied to two horses tearing him apart. [1]

Kenjo's cousin, Shosuro Daie, informed his sensei Kojuno [2] who, upon recieving Kenjo's personal belongings untouched from the Ide Daimyo, informed his family of his death. [1]


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