Shosuro Keirei

Shosuro Keirei

Bayushi Keirei was a ninja and acrobat of the Scorpion Clan. He became Shosuro Keirei when he was recruited to replenish the Shosuro family after the Destroyer War. He was egged during his time in the Colonies.

Young Acrobat Edit

Bayushi Keirei

Bayushi Keirei

As a young man Keirei had the ambition of becoming a sensation in Rokugan, an acrobat performing throughout the courts of the Empire. He even dreamed of performing before the Emperor of Rokugan himself. Having promising ability and station, his parents called in many favors so that he could train with the acrobats of the Kakita Artisan Academy. [1]

A Different Path Edit

When Keirei performed before the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Paneki himself, his life changed. Paneki, obviously impressed by the young man's activities, ordered the Shosuro Daimyo Shosuro Toson to initiate young Keirei in the ways of the Shosuro Shinobi. Toson talked to Keirei's parents, then an accident was staged so that Keirei's potential and public image would be diminished in the public eye. Keirei then underwent training as a ninja. Combining the teachings of the Shosuro school and his own tremendous athletic abilities, he became a unique weapon, even among the Scorpion. By the time he reached his gempukku, he was a relative unknown in the Empire, an opposite to his youthful dreams. [1]

The Heavy Task Edit

In 1172 Keirei was ordered by Bayushi Miyako to destroy Paneki's undead corpse. He encountered the creature known as Paneki's Disgrace in an unnamed village, however he failed to destroy it and was forced to retreat against overwhelming odds. [1]

Lion lands Edit

Keirei met the Shosuro Daimyo Shosuro Toson at the Yogo Towers. He informed the creature exerted some sort of control over the other undead. The Plague Zombies did not engage in the predations of the other zombies without securing the safety of the Disgrace. They were moving toward the Lion territory. Keirei tracked the zombies again when they were near the village of Dewa. The zombies had passed unnoticed the Scorpion-Lion border crossing a narrow and dangerous mountain pass. They slaughtered the Lion ashigaru there. [2]

Seeking agents of the Destroyers Edit

In 1173 Keirei was divereted from the heavy task. He was assigned to uncover those agents the Destroyers had sent ahead of their forces. He went to Karandetsu Market, being convinced an agent was there. The only individual he approached was a ronin, Yoshe. Keirei recruited him to aid in his new task. [3]

Shosuro family Edit

Keirei spent months in the Spine of the World Mountains checking the countless hidden recesses there, and he was sick of the mountains. In these mountains he had lost the tracks of the Disgrace. In 1174 he was met by the new Shosuro Daimyo Shosuro Aroru, who informed he had been recruited to replenish the Shosuro family, becoming Shosuro Keirei. [4] He was called Shosuro's Hand. [5]

Scorpion Wall Edit

Aroru was reassigned to the Scorpion Wall. [4] The death of Kali-Ma had created a portal to Jigoku, the Second Festering Pit, within the Scorpion lands. [6] The Crab were aiding the Scorpion and the Kaiu Daimyo Kaiu Iemasa had begun the construction of a wall which would defend the heart of the Empire of the demons that appeared there. [7]

Hunting Paneki's Disgrace Edit

Keirei sent Bayushi Tenzan to hunt Paneki's Disgrace. Tenzan was also known as "Tasu's Sorrow", honoring Bayushi Tasu, his grandfather, who was the killer of the returned undead Champion Bayushi Shoju. The Scorpion hoped he would accomplish a task as his ancestor did. [8]

Colonies Edit

In 1198 Keirei sent Shosuro Hawado to the Colonies. She remained there when the ninja began to show her most unsettling gifts. [9] She found a settlement of Jackal refugees [10] in the area known as Otaku's Glimmering Basin. [11] One of the Jackal, Abdollah, met Keirei to make a bargain with the Scorpion Clan. [12]

Egg of P'an Ku Edit

The mad dragon P'an Ku had spread several Egg of P'an Ku in the Colonies, and one of them was used this year by the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime to make a doppleganger of Keirei. [13] In turn Aroru and Keirei decided to use another Egg to create a duplicate of the Disgrace. They expected the doppleganger could lead them to the true Disgrace, and it was known the duplicates and those whom were duplicated had some degree of instinctive hatred for one another. [14] Bayushi Jinn-ja found one of these eggs and copied the Disgrace. [15]

End of the Disgrace Edit

In 1199 Keirei succeeded in his quest, and found the lair of Paneki's Disgrace in the Spine of the World Mountains. The undead was put in chains by Keirei, Bayushi Tenzan and his wife. Nitoshi came to the lair and killed what his father had become. Keirei retired shortly after, [16] and the Scorpion hero known as Shosuro's Fist become sensei to Shosuro Kanako. [17]

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