Shosuro Itode 
Born: 914 
Died: 940 
Parents: Shosuro Ijin

Shosuro Itode was a shugenja of the Scorpion Clan.

Crab Lands Edit

Itode was fostered to the Crab Clan when he was five years old. He was trained in the Hida Bushi school with Hida Binuboku, who considered Itode a brother. [1]

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Itode was known for his determination and persistence in the face of almost certain failure, and had no children. [2]

Mask Edit

Despite he considered himself a true Crab, Itode remained wearing a red-gold mask, with kabuki diamonds over the eyes and drawn lashes of onyx, remembering his blood heritage. [1] Itode enchanted his shining gold mask, which gave the wearer the appearance and voice of whatever they were thinking about. The words "be as you like" were embroidered on its silk lining. [2]

Death Edit

Itode was stationed on the Kaiu Wall, and he was deathly wounded while defending it against seventy trolls. Before he died Itode requested to be buried in Crab soil, which would be granted only if he die as a Crab. Itode retrieved his mask and threw it over the wall, dying with his face open to his brothers. [1]


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