Shosuro Hojiako 
Shosuro Hojiako 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named minor Shosuro daimyo,
Siblings: Un-named brother

Hojiako was born of a geisha, Man-etsu, and a minor Shosuro daimyo. She and her brother were raised as servants within their father's home. The children were fully adopted as samurai, becoming Shosuro Hojiako, when their mother died defending the family's home of the attack of six oni. [1]

Tainted Hairpins Edit

She was four years old when her mother died, and Hojiako was the last to see her alive. Man-etsu managed to pass her Butterfly Hairpins to Hojiako, advising to use them cautiously, for they had great power when needed. [2]

Love Edit

Hojiako loved Shosuro Tozaku, and he corresponded, but Tozaku's parents refused to marry their son to the daughter of a geisha. He instead married a Bayushi, causing great pain to Hojiaki. By happenstance Hojiako learned the powers which lay within the hairpins, which transformed her in a butterfly. Hojiako used her temporary shape to fly until his love castle and bed. [3]

Death Edit

She used frequently the hairpins, but one day she was transformed in a pony-sized butterfly instead the small flying creature. [4] Her mother had been a Maho-tsukai and the item permanently transformed the user in this big size twisted creature when used too much. [5] Hojiako in such shape returned with her lover, and from that day they were never seen again. [6]


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