Please note: This article is about the servant of Bayushi Toshu. For other uses of the term, please see Hanzo (disambiguation).

Shosuro Hanzo was a servant of Bayushi Toshu, and secretely a thief of great talent. He was so proud of his skill that eventually decided to steal on his lord's chambers. During his attempt he was surprised when a monk named Koan aided him to climb the walls of Toshu's estate. Koan told he had entered the courtyard through the well, which was connected to a cave. Watchdogs noticed the assailants, and Koan lured Hanzo to escape throught the well. Once Hanzo was inside he realized there was no cave, and the well's bucket was quickly ascending. Koan revealed himself as a Kenku, who wished to teach Hanzo a lesson, and flew away. Hanzo spent the night in the depths of the well, and the next day he managed to leave it. Heeding the Kenku's harsh lesson, he never stole again. [1]


  1. Enemies of the Empire, p. 177

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