Shosuro Geru impersonated Matsu Nari, [1] the Karo of Akodo Maouri, Lord of Ichime Castle. [2]

Death at Ichime Castle Edit

After eighteen years serving Maouri his lord died in strange circumstances and was questioned by the Kitsuki Magistrate Kitsuki Kaagi. [3] Geru had plotted to kill his daimyo's bloodline, but he was uncovered by Kaagi when he tried to kill Maouri's heir, Akodo Hakenka. He escaped and the Kitsuki guessed Nari was a ninja. [4]

Plot Edit

Geru had tricked Maouri's courtesan, Ichime Amai and the court shugenja Akodo Toshiin, the first to kill Maouri with a slow-acting poison without her knowledge, and the second to spread the story of a family's curse. If the curse would had not been disproven, Hakenka would be deposed and his twelve-years-old half-brother and Amai's son, Ichime Sokoi, would be put on the throne with Nari as his Regent and Advisor. [5]

Impersonated Edit

The true Nari had been died long time ago, as recorded in the Ikoma Histories. Kaagi guessed the ninja was a Shosuro Assassin in guise. [6]

Death Edit

Geru tried to escape, but his trail was followed by Kaagi. He found Geru's corpse, with the throat cut. Matsu Hiroru had tracked down Geru ending his career as spy. [7]

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